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Serving Western Colorado
Since 1998
At Park Avenue Parties, our professional staff is here to guide you every step of the way to make sure that nothing is overlooked. We are ever mindful of the effect you desire as well as your extent of formality. Whether you are hosting an elegant backyard party, a large formal wedding, or just an old-fashioned barbeque, we have just the right equipment to make your event extraordinarily memorable and comfortable for everyone. You are welcome to browse through the equipment we have available, but by calling our store, our expert planners are always happy to assist you.
     Here in Colorado, our unpredictable weather often makes outdoor events worrisome. Occasional afternoon showers in the summer are normal. Windbursts and the hot high altitude sun are even more destructive.
     Remember, tents are your party insurance!
By the lake, at the park or on your lawn, tents make your event a unique and memorable experience. We feature the Warner Tent Shelter System. These frame tents are clean, white structures, with smooth, graceful lines. They are also modular, which allows us to attach multiple tents together in a variety of configurations for larger structures, accomodating any size event.
What's Included Tent Photos
Tent SectionsDesc.Price
10'x10'(100 Sq. Feet)Call
10'x20'(200 Sq. Feet) (Ideal for caterer or tent add-ons.)Call
20'x20'(400 Sq. Feet)Call
20'x30'(600 Sq. Feet)Call
20'x40'(800 Sq. Feet)Call
Hexagon(1040 Sq. Feet; 38' in Diameter Hex.)Call
30'x40'(1200 Sq. Feet)Call
40'x40'(1600 Sq. Feet)Call
30'x60'(1800 Sq. Feet)Call
Larger SizesAvailable!Call
Customer Set-Up TentsDesc.Price
20'x20'(Pole Tent)Call
10'x10' Awning(Ideal for arts and crafts shows, fairs, etc. Sides are available for an additional charge.)$55.00
Our Party Planners will be happy to assist you in choosing the size of structure you need to make sure your shelter is perfect for your size event. They can design creative configurations such as "L" shapes, "U" shapes, "T" shapes or squares.

Perhaps multiple structures are more appropriate for your event. Please don't hesitate to ask!

Some possible seating configurations are listed below:
Hex Tent Seats 64
Hex Tent Seats 80
Hex Tent Seats 96
Hex Tent Seats 112
20'x20' Square Tent Seats 32
20'x20' Square Tent Seats 48
20'x30' Rectangular Tent Seats 64
20'x30' Rectangular Tent Seats 72
Tent SidesDesc.Price
French Windows or Solid Wall(Per Side)$26.50
Front Door $30.00
Tent Barrels(Each)$12.00
Tent LightingDesc.Price
Full Package Includes  
Outdoor Pedestal Light(Globe, Electric)$20.00
All Tent Lighting: Floods, Perimeter, Carnival, Mini-Light Spray, Chandolier, and Lights for Japanese LanternsMultiple Configurations AvailableCall
Extension Cords100'$7.50 (Each)
Tent HeatingDesc.Price
Forced Air Propane Heater80,000 BTU's; Propane Sold Separately$40.00
Forced Air Propane Heater170,000 BTU's; Propane Sold Separately$60.00
Propane(20 lb. Purchase)$26.00
Propane(40 lb. Purchase)$41.00