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Since 1998
At Park Avenue Parties, our professional staff is here to guide you every step of the way to make sure that nothing is overlooked. We are ever mindful of the effect you desire as well as your extent of formality. Whether you are hosting an elegant backyard party, a large formal wedding, or just an old-fashioned barbeque, we have just the right equipment to make your event extraordinarily memorable and comfortable for everyone. You are welcome to browse through the equipment we have available, but by calling our store, our expert planners are always happy to assist you.
     -We highly recommend that you order 10% more dishware than you need, in the event of breakage or unexpected guests.
     -Punch Bowl Fountains are fun and elegant, providing self-service punch through the entire party.
     -Always rent more wine glasses than you have guests, as guests often use more than one at a party.
Dishware and GlassesDesc.Price
Water Goblet16 oz.$.55
Wine Glass6.5 oz.$.48
White Wine Glass8 3/4 oz.$.49
Large Wine Glass11.5 oz.$.49
Tall Wine Glass11 oz.$.55
Champagne Flute4.5 oz.$.49
Beer Cooler14 oz.$.49
Rocks Glass9.5 oz.$.49
Margarita/ Martini Glass10,14 oz.$.48
Pilsner Glass12 oz.$.49
Coffee Mug $.48
Bread BasketChrome Oval Wire$2.50
Salt & PepperGlass and Chrome$3.00 (pair)
Charger PlatesSilver, Gold, or Black$1.49
Cleaning Instructions  
White Porcelain DinnerwareDesc.Price
Dinner Plate $.57
Salad Plate $.49
Bread & Butter or Cake Plate $.45
Coffee Mug $.50
Coffee Cup & Saucer $.60
Dinner PlateDouble Silver Rim$.70
Salad PlateDouble Silver Rim$.59
Sugar and Creamer Set $3.00
Cleaning Instructions  
Disposable DishwareDesc.Price
Party Plates(Purchase)Call
Silverware 18/10 StainlessSpoon, Salad or Desert Fork, Dinner Fork, Knife, Soup Spoon$.40 (each)
Ice Scoops, Ice Tongs, Meat Tongs, Pie Server, Salad Tongs, Serving and Stirring Spoons(Large or Small)$.75 (each)
Beverage ServiceDesc.Price
Small Punch Bowl with Ladle(Stainless Steel)$10.00
Large Punch Bowl with Ladle(Stainless Steel)$10.00
Punch Bowl Fountain (5-Gallon)(Lighted White with Gold Trim)$35.00
Punch Bowl Fountain (5-Gallon)(Lighted Chrome)$40.00
Punch Bowl Fountain (5-Gallon)(Lighted, Deluxe Trim)$45.00
Water Pitcher(Plastic)$2.19
Cleaning Instructions  
Coffee UrnsDesc.Price
60 Cup(Stainless Steel)$19.00
100 Cup Commercial(Aluminum)$20.00
Beverage DispensersDesc.Price
5 Gallon(Insulated)$18.00
10 Gallon(Insulated)$20.00
Big Orange Cooler(Insulated)$12.00
Keg Cooler $20.00
Wine Decanter(Glass, 1-Liter)$2.25
Coffee Carafe(White)$3.00
Bar, Portable6' (Black)$58.00
Serving and Catering EquipmentDesc.Price
Chafing Dishes - 8-Quart(Rectangle)$17.00
Deluxe Chafers(Round)$16.00
Chafing Dishes - 6-Quart(Oval with Gold Trim)$18.00
Additional Pans $3.00
Sterno (2 Per Chafing Dish)(Purchase)$1.99 (each)
Stock Pot(24-Quart)$12.00
Heat Lamp with Board $22.00
Fill-N-Chill Food and Drink Table73"x31" x3.5"deep$25.00
Chocolate Fountain (Chocolate Sold Separately)35" Tier; Holds 12-22 lbs. Milk, White, or Dark Chocolate100.00
Wedding Cake Stand14"
Cake Lighting(10 Votive Spiral Lights)$27.00
Cake Table Linen(White) Fits 48" or 60" Table$40.00
Serving Trays, Round15",25"
Serving Trays, Oval(Porcelain)$7.00
Serving Trays, 16"(Oval, Stainless)$5.00
Serving Trays, 18"(Oval, Stainless)$6.00
Serving Trays, 20"(Oval, Stainless)$6.50
Serving Tray with Jack $10.00
Cupcake Stand(White 3-Tier)$18.00
Cupcake Stand(Silver 5-Tier)$25.00
Serving Bowl, 8"(Odd Shaped, Porcelain)$5.00
Serving Bowl, 9"(Round, Porcelain)$5.00
Serving Bowl, 9"(Squoval, Porcelain)$6.00
Serving Bowls, 9.25" $2.00
Serving Bowls, 14"(Porcelain)$9.00
Serving Bowls, 16"(Porcelain)$11.00
Serving Platter, Large(Oval, Porcelain)$7.00
Serving Platter, Large(Oval, Pewter)$20.00
Serving Platter, Large(Rectangle, Pewter)$20.00
Canoe, For Chips and Salsa(Pewter)$15.00
Tray, Trout-Shaped, Small(Pewter)$10.00
Tray, Daisy, Small(Oval, Pewter)$12.00
Platter, With Stand(Square, Pewter)$30.00
Basket, Small(Pewter)$9.00
3-Tier Serving Trays $16.00
Bar or Bussing Trays $3.25
Nesco Roaster $16.00
Cambro Food Transporter(Hot or Cold, Holds 4 Chafing Trays)$17.50
Bar or Bussing Tubs $3.50
Trash Cans(44-Gallon & 3 Liners)$15.00
Food and Beverage Cart $150.00
Cleaning Instructions